Creative Writing Honourable Mention – “Quieter Now” by Zoe Weimar

This gentle, subtle poem by Zoe Weimar, titled “Quieter Now” transports us to a moment of tranquility on a hospital ward. It received an Honourable Mention in Creative Writing Division of the 2022 MIPS x The Auricle Creative Writing and Visual Art Competition. Zoe describes it as “a poem/sonnet inspired by experiences placed on birth suite, and moments of beauty that occur there.” This piece featured in The Auricle‘s October-December Edition in 2022.

It is much quieter now than before

The room had filled, filled, filled

And then drained. Closer night draws.

Though rustling blankets murmur amongst themselves, the air is still

Swaddled warm and wearing a striped hat

Something tiny and new sleeps

In her arms, as we marvel at

His newness, her strength. The teabag steeps

Of course, there’s beauty in first breath, first touch

Yet those less-remembered moments in-between; with kind words said

And hands held tight and laughter shared, hold such

Intangible softness. She shifts further up in bed

The sound of my steps punctuates the room’s quiet, as I bring her the hot mug of tea

To brew it is my privilege, however small or unskilled an act it might be

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