The Auricle x MIPS Creative Writing and Visual Art Competition 2022

Welcome to The MIPS Auricle Creative Writing and Visual Art Competition 2022!

This annual competition is an opportunity for medical students to showcase your immense talent and enthusiasm for creativity. It’s an event like no other in our medical journeys. In past years we have had wonderful submissions from medical students who are experienced writers or poets, all the way through to novice storytellers and those trying out painting for the very first time.

Please don’t hesitate to get involved – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

In addition, MUMUS will be making a $5 donation to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation for every entry – so why not give it a shot?

In 2022 the Creative Writing and Visual Art Competition is proudly sponsored by MIPS. The first placed entries will also be featured in the MIPS Matters publication!


MIPS is a membership-based organisation, not just an insurer, so we’re interested in providing more than just indemnity cover to our members.

In addition to the comprehensive indemnity cover that is part of membership, members also have access to 24-hour Medico-Legal Support and accredited risk education.

Our unique blended pricing allows us to apply an equitable and more accurate approach to membership fees. This means members are not being asked to subsidise the mature risk exposure of other practitioners.

Membership is available to healthcare students, healthcare practitioners practising medicine, dentistry, oral health or nuclear medicine technology and international healthcare practitioners.


  • 6 June 2022: Submissions open
  • 14 August 2022: Submissions close [EXTENDED – original due date 31 July]
  • August 2022: Winners announced and published


  • Where will the winning entries be displayed?
    All winning entries will be featured on our website. First place entries will be published in MIPS Matters (the MIPS publication). First, second, and third will also be published in The Auricle’s July-August Edition, and Honourable Mentions will be published in the September-October Edition
  • How will entries be judged?
    Entries will be judged by The Auricle’s Editors, Lachlan Coman and Jordi Shahab. The submissions will be blinded so the Editors are unaware of the authors’ identities prior to determining winners.
  • How do I enter my work?
    Follow this link:
  • My file is too big for the Google Form. What should I do?
    You can also submit the file via email to
  • What do the prompts mean?
    It’s open to your interpretation! The prompts have been chosen to give a general theme. Beyond that, you are free to use and interpret the prompts as you like.
  • What can I submit for the visual art division?
    Anything that’s not creative writing! In the past we’ve had photography, painting, collage – we’re open to anything!
  • What format should creative writing submissions take?
    It’s up to you! Our prompts are broad, so you could write anything from a poem, to a story, to an essay. Surprise us!
  • Can I submit more than one entry?
    Sorry, only one entry per person for the competition.


All prizes will be in the form of a Prezzee Gift Card, redeemable at over 200 stores!

PlaceCreative Writing divisionVisual Art division
Honourable mention$40$40
Honourable mention$40$40


Creative Writing

  1. “Ahead lay uncharted territory…”
  2. In medicine, there are many moments of beauty. Discuss.
  3. To what extent is one’s practice of medicine informed by personal experience?
  4. So much can happen in a lap around the sun…

Visual Art

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. A glimpse beyond the veil


The Auricle MIPS Creative Writing and Visual Art Competition is open to all Monash students enrolled in the medicine course. This includes those undertaking an intermission, completing a BMedSc (Hons) year, intercalated PhD, or Master of Public Health.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! You can reach us by email at either:


Or, message us on Facebook!