At The Auricle we are lucky to have regular segments from a variety of contributors.

These segments are often our most popular, with readers looking forward to the next instalment!

In 2022, our regular segments will be:

Humans of Medicine

Featuring the stories of inspirational medical students who, in their spare time, get up to wonderful and extraordinary things. They’re not your typical over-achievers though, the students we highlight in this series often serve their communities or make cool accomplishments out of the spotlight. You can see the Humans of Medicine series here.

Community and Wellbeing

MUMUS’ Community and Wellbeing society is focussed on enabling students to give back to their community, as well as to promote and increase awareness of student mental health and well-being. They are also regular contributors to The Auricle and provide insightful pieces that all students can benefit from reading! See more.

The Spotlight Series

New in 2022! Stay tuned to see a wide variety of contributors as they share educational pieces from a huge variety of medical themes. Don’t worry, it won’t be dry and boring lectures on pharmacokinetics… we’re aiming to highlight some of the hidden wonders of medicine – stories, cool discoveries, and more! There’s great fun ahead – see here.

Research Corner

A series that is coordinated by the Medical Research Students’ Society, keep up to date with the interesting research being conducted by medical students at Monash. See more here.

The Crossword

Another addition to the Auricle in 2022. Published every 2 months – keep your eyes on this page for some fun brain-teasers!