Contributing to the Auricle

The Auricle is back with a vengeance in 2019 and we are getting in early with a call out for new content.

We welcome submissions from all Monash students, from fresh-faced first years to our more jaded compatriots in final year. You don’t have to have written for us before and we’re always keen for new contributors. Written pieces should ideally be 500 to 800 words long, but we’re flexible when it comes to quality content.

Articles can be serious or humorous, fictional or non-fictional, prose or poetry. Articles could cover anything from vignettes of medical student life, developments in medical research, to short stories and poems. We’re also interested in feature art for our articles, so we’d also love to hear from the more visually oriented of you.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, below are our most popular articles from 2016. Collectively they highlight that, while medical students seem to care a great deal about the topics of mental health and student welfare, we’re still suckers for toilet humour (see article 4).

  1. “The simple things: On burnout and rediscovering the joy in medicine”
  2. “Help Under Water: A Plea for Early Intervention in Mental Health”
  3. “The secrets we keep: Hiding your personal life in medicine”
  4. “Everybody does it.”

Don’t hesitate to send drafts, article pitches, feature art or anything you think we might be interested in to and we’ll be back to you as quickly as our fingers can type a response.

Make sure to keep your eyes figuratively peeled for our annual writing competition later this semester!

Featured image by Chris Wightman at Flickr.