2022 Winners

We are delighted to share with you the winners of the 2022 MIPS x The Auricle Creative Writing and Visual Art Competition! A huge thank-you must go to all of the incredibly brave and creative students who submitted their work. Choosing winners was incredibly difficult.

First, second, and third places have been featured in the July-September Edition of The Auricle, and are also visible here.

Honourable Mentions will be featured in the upcoming October-December Edition.


1st Place: Natalie Evans, “Stardust

2nd Place: Khue Le, “I am Everyone

3rd Place: Tessa Quinlan, “Never Let Them Fall

Honourable Mention: William Upjohn, “The Caretaker”

Honourable Mention: Zoe Weimar, “Quieter Now”

Honourable Mention: Laura Smith, “Expiration Date”


1st Place: Anna Noe, “Reflection

2nd Place: Charlotte Raberger, “Retro Funk

3rd Place: Lois Segund-Beloved, “Empty Celebration

Honourable Mention: Fathima Ijaza Irzan, “Metamorphosis: a neurological perspective”

Honourable Mention: Christopher Photopoulos, “Tides of Change”