About the Auricle

The Auricle is a student magazine by, and for, Monash University medical students.

Founded in 2012, The Auricle is the successor to Varicocele, the previous MUMUS magazine. Since then, The Auricle has been an outlet for the creativity of medical students – a place where they can share their many talents from visual art, to photography, to poetry or creative writing. It’s also a place where students can show their (sometimes irreverent) humorous side by poking fun at the healthcare system and stereotypes in medicine.

The Auricle is proud to publish the work of any student brave enough to put pen to paper, or brush to canvas. All are welcome to get involved!

In 2022, the Editors of The Auricle are Lachlan Coman and Jordi Shahab. To contact us, please email publications@mumus.org

Happy reading!