The following piece received 2nd place in the Visual Arts section of The Auricle’s 2021 Writing and Visual Art Competition and is responding to the prompt “Emerging from the ashes…

“Shattering patriarchal and machismo culture, she stands fatigued but determined. Her left hand supports her back, which aches under societal pressures so haphazardly piled onto her. She is burdened. Tired, she tries to stand strong for her unborn daughter, filled with excitement over the purity of her innocence yet equally fearing the bullets that try to pierce her potential. Despite efforts to break her, she is confident in the solidity of her own ability. Of their beings. She emerges from the ashes unrelentingly, for she is valid, independent and capable.”

Materials: Pencil, Charcoal, Watercolour Paint

Dimensions: 100cm x 70cm

Emulation of Sylvie Guillot

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