2020’s Obituary

By Anonymous

Hailed an auspicious year at first, who knew

Extended gloom and heartache would befall,

Reducing all things as the days swept through,

Enshrouding thousands in their deadly shawl?

This world, by human lives, is linked, bound tight,

Whose varied threads criss-cross the sapphire sphere,

Enabling talk and trade, but also blight

New-found to spark and spread this fateful year.

The plague ignored our man-made boundaries,

Yet triggered bubbling fault-lines deep as seas

The poor sank low, and age-old wounds dehisced,

Whilst leaders floundered round in childish games,

Evading such a length’ning problem list,

Not least our globe that groans in fumes and flames.

This year, like glass, has magnified our ills,

Yet clouded and upheld our stubborn wills.

Let’s fix our vision with hope and goodwill;

In true repentance, let’s our faults dispose,

Else this year’s ghost shall trail and haunt us still,

Shadowing us beyond December’s close.

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