From Where I’d Rather Be


Reflections of Lake Pukaki – Photograph

From the beautiful snow-capped peaks in the distance, to the shimmering clouds reflected upon the perfectly still waters of Lake Pukaki, this was a photograph taken during the winter of 2019 on our road trip through the amazing land of New Zealand. During isolation, I often imagine myself resting on the shore of the lake with the taste of fresh alpine salmon on my tongue, breathing in the natural mountain air, watching as the clouds danced overhead.

Sunset at the Frankston Pier – Photograph

Our fourth year at Monash is often thought of as the toughest year in our medical school journey. Although I really appreciated the clinical learning and experiences from my time at Peninsula Health, one of the other aspects that made it truly special was its beautiful scenery. I often spent the weekends walking along the beautiful Frankston and Mornington Peninsula beaches. This photo captures one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen, from a place where I’d rather be…

Reflections of the Forest

I’ve always had a love for the outdoors, for the fresh mountain air, hiking through forests and camping with friends. During these times of isolation, I often imagine myself resting on a forest floor, watching as the beautiful shades and colours of the trees reflected onto the shimmering pools of water below. I miss the feel of the earthy forest air and the songs of the birds echoing overhead. This painting helps take me there, to a place where I’d rather be…

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