Meditation: Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Everyday Life


I’ve always been a sceptic of the whole meditation trend, but COVID isolation meant that I had extra time, and the boredom led me down the rabbit hole of meditation and mindfulness.

As someone who whose attention span has dramatically decreased thanks to 15 second Tik Tok videos, I was surprised to find that listening to 10-minute meditations was becoming one of my favourite parts of the day.

If you’re still unsure about whether meditation is something you’d enjoy, try to disregard your preconceived ideas of why you’d dislike it, and give it a go – especially in COVID times, we all deserve to incorporate important self-care practices into our day to day life.

To start, I’d recommend downloading the free app ‘Insight Timer’, which has endless meditations of varying lengths and topics.

Here are four of my personal favourites to get started:

  1. Stress and Anxiety Buster: Two-Minute Mindful Release by David Ji

When I first started meditating I struggled to sit still for long periods of time, and so this was a perfect introductory meditation that I would do when I found myself stressed – David’s voice is honestly as calming as it gets

  1. The Dream for Sleep by Bethany Auriel-Hagian

This 25-minute meditation is perfect to put on as you’re falling asleep

  1. Morning Ritual by Jason McGrice

If you’re wanting to incorporate mindfulness into your routine, this meditation is a short 10-minute program that is meant to start your day off with motivation and gratitude

  1. Get your Glow On by Melissa Ambrosini

This 11-minute session focuses on self-care and motivation, encouraging you to have a productive day!


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