Year 4C: The Premiership Quarter

By Jeremy Cheng

The third quarter of an AFL match has traditionally been coined the “Premiership Quarter”. The quarter where title contenders rush out of the blocks and build an unbeatable lead that brings enough momentum to carry them to victory. The quarter where champions, time and time again, somehow muster the determination and verve to bring out the very best of themselves. The quarter where prior mistakes can be remedied and forgotten. The most important quarter where teams set themselves up for success.

We now find ourselves in our very own premiership quarter. End of year exams, OSCEs and dreaded VIA are looming on the horizon and moving to the forefront of our minds. The waves of worry and anxiety are rolling in as we stand in trepidation of the task ahead. All around us, chatter of exams, study groups and OSCE practice begins to build, and anxiety levels peaks.

For many of us, this period is somehow even more stressful than immediately prior to exams; by that stage, adrenaline is driving us and we don’t have time to stop, think, and lament about how we could have studied more or should have begun practising OSCEs earlier.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We are all more than capable of exceeding in our own premiership quarter. We can all rush out of the blocks, forgetting what could have been and instead focusing solely on what is ahead. We can get the ball rolling and build an insurmountable lead on all the requirements and pressures placed on medical students.

That is why now, although relatively far from exams, is arguably the most important time for our year. Creating and committing to a study plan is that much needed boost. This allows us to work steadily towards the final siren without the need to panic, and gives us some breathing room for slip-ups. In doing so, we avoid the need for frantic last minute cramming and we can work at our own pace whilst still having time to enjoy life.

We are on the final bend of the track, and fast approaching the final straight where victory is in sight.

But even if you still haven’t quite found your rhythm by the end of the premiership quarter, there’s always the possibility of a last minute comeback…

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