Rest and Recalibrate

By Faye Liu

As the weather gets colder, the financial year draws to an end, and post-exam crammed knowledge slowly escapes our brain, most of us would have entered our mid-year breaks – the perfect time to rest and recalibrate. For some, this may be a long awaited period after a busy first semester, for others, the perfect time to make a trip back home.

In medical school, time can sometimes seem to run away from us, and while the first half of the year seems to have disappeared, leaving us pondering what we have gained, the dreaded second half of the year looms closer, promising to bring exams and hurdles. However, perhaps if we take some time to rest and recalibrate our minds and bodies in these few weeks, we may find ourselves renewed and refreshed, ready to tackle any challenges the second half of the year may bring.


Despite sometimes feeling discouraged about how quick time flies and how seemingly so little was accomplished, sometimes if we do take the time to rest and reflect, we may realise that we have actually come a long way since the start of the year – whether it is new friends, new knowledge, new skills, or new experiences – they are all fruits of our time.

We could do this by reviewing captured moments on our phone or camera, sharing the major moments that have passed with a friend who we have not seen in a while, or doing something we love, free of distractions. Now is the perfect time to catch up with friends and loved ones, those missed episodes of our favourite TV shows, restart the abandoned fitness routine, or just hibernate to compensate for those lost hours of sleep.

Whatever it is, let us treat our minds and bodies to some good quality rest, for all the hard work they have done.


A useful exercise before starting the next semester, is also recalibrating our focus and setting our goals for the next half of the year. Somewhere along the way, some of us may momentarily lose sight of why we are doing what we do, and what motivates us, due to the daily grind of studies, work and other commitments.

As humans, we seek and are drawn to people, places and things that inspire us, as it energises and invigorates us. Whether it is a holiday overseas, a road trip within Australia, reading your favourite novel or revisiting a hobby or passion, I hope you have the opportunity to spend some time this break to explore the other components of your life that give you life, and can return to second semester refreshed.

A break is rightly named, to be time away from studies, for us to rest and be refreshed. Whatever way you choose to spend it, see if you are able to find some time to reflect on the positives of the first half of the year, and prepare your mind and body for the second half.

Feature image by Hector Alejandro at Flickr.

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