I Promise Myself: The Mental Health Contract

By Grace Scolyer

It’s been 16 months since I sat, tachycardic and sweating in a superclinic GP’s office, asking for a K-10 test and mental health treatment plan. 16 months since I was met with a suppressed laugh, obligatory printout, and subsequent arrangement of an urgent follow-up with another GP with more mental health experience. My exterior did not seem to fit up with my K-10 score; the difference between by 2pm brain and my 2am brain something quite concerning. High functioning, clinically depressed.

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The secrets we keep: Hiding your personal life in medicine

By Stephen Surace, Writing Competition Honourable Mention 2016

Topic 1: Write about your experiences studying medicine with a disability, mental illness or as a part of a marginalised group

At first I was excited by the opportunity to write about being a minority in medicine. Finally, a chance to release all the drama and excitement that I must surely have bottled up. However there was just one problem: except for one noteworthy time, I have kept my sexuality very separate from medicine.

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Who wants to be a medical student? An update from 2016’s first AMSA Council


By Josh Monester, 2016 AMSA representative

One of the reasons I love studying medicine is that our student community is one of the most diverse I have yet to come across. I’m proud that no matter who you are, where you live, or what you look like, anyone can apply to study medicine.

In response to the recent release of a draft document titled ‘Inherent requirements for studying medicine’ by the Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ), we – at the first AMSA Council meeting of the year – spent a long time discussing who exactly is a medical student? And what should they be expected to do? Continue reading