A Simple Act

By Kit Ming Foo


Year 3B, the first year where we as medical students truly get to experience the wonder and thrill of ward medicine. It is the first time that we witness the feel-good moments of solving a patient’s issues. It is the first time that we celebrate many little victories, like being able to scrub in or even getting in our first successful cannula. It is also the first time that we as medical students are exposed to a side of medicine, which we often do not talk about; death, dying and all the emotions that come along with it. Continue reading

Oh, they’ll be back in 20

By Anonymous

Who am I?

I am the most sacred event in the hospital.

I will occur regardless of the situation.

The patient is about to arrest?

The floor is understaffed?

I will go on.

You want to find a staff member when I am occurring.

But you can’t.

Family want to ask a question.

Bad luck.

You’ll be walking down the hallway as you hear the laughs.

You’ll be approaching the door as you hear the jokes.

You’ll sit down as you hear the gossip.

What am I?

I’m the nursing tea-break.