Sticks and Stones – A short story

By Chris Nguyen

‘Death, of course, is not a failure. Death is normal. Death may be the enemy, but it is also the natural order of things.’ ~ Atul Gawande, M.D.

In a neatly-pressed suit jacket with a comical bow tie to counter the mood of the occasion, I strode down a narrow hallway of flickering fluorescent lights and grime-covered concrete walls in the only direction available; straight ahead. I checked my watch and noticed the hands go haywire. Continue reading

Pokémanic: Tales from the rural frontline

By Thomas de Vries

Pokémon GO pandemic stuns rural GPs

KYNETON — The recently released open world, augmented reality smartphone game challenges users to walk around outside to find and catch virtual Pokémon. It has been blamed for the inundation of healthcare providers with patients with trauma from accidents related to inattention. Rural and remote communities have been hit the hardest, with local GPs often having no access to hospitals often being forced to come up with novel ways to deal with emergencies on the fly.

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The simple things: On burnout and rediscovering the joy in medicine

By Andrew Wang

The fourth years counted down the days. Braced ourselves for the worst.

But nobody could have prepared us for what happened when the day came.

They packed, tight, into the common room, still excited about their day’s learning at 5pm in the afternoon. Their endless chatter of cannulas and pneumonia and heart murmurs filled what was, for a week, a space that had been solely ours.

The third years had arrived, and the common room was already theirs.

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